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Folding trolley shopping cart 380x360x330mm

The material of this folding trolley shopping cart is a combination of PP and iron alloy trolleys. Its open size is 380x360x330mm and its folded size is 380x360x80mm. It does not take up space and is very convenient to use.

The article number given to this car in our factory is ZY-MBB, and it has a load-bearing capacity of 25 kilograms. The length of the ferroalloy pull rod is 870mm. If you need this folding  cart, you can leave a message to order from our website. The minimum order price for this folding pull rod cart is 1,000. Each cart is packaged with a sticker and a color card. Then 6 cars are put into a big cardboard box. The size of the large carton is: 790x410x248MM. If the lid is added, the outer box size is 790x410x290MM. The weight of the car itself is 2.3kg, and the lid is 0.3kg.

Folding trolley shopping cart 380x360x330mm 1

If you reach our minimum order quantity of 1000, you can customize different colors, such as black, black color, color, etc. In addition, you can also customize your logo. If you need this product, please leave a message on the website and let us know! Looking forward to hearing from you.

How to use a folding shopping cart
Detailed introduction of Zhongyi folding trolley
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