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How to use a folding shopping cart


Open the Collapsible Rolling Crate: First, open the button and unfold the Collapsible Rolling Crate to change the shopping cart from the folded state to the unfolded state.

Place items: Put the items you want to buy into the shopping cart, you can put them directly in the shopping cart.

Push-pull Collapsible Rolling Crate: Shopping carts are usually equipped with wheels and pull rods to facilitate users to push and pull shopping carts in shopping malls or supermarkets, saving effort.

Folding shopping cart: When shopping is finished, take out the items in the shopping cart and fold them for easy storage and portability. Folding shopping carts can usually be folded into a smaller size, saving storage space.

Applicable occasions for folding shopping carts:

Supermarket: When shopping in the supermarket, a folding shopping cart can be used to carry goods conveniently, especially when purchasing a large amount of goods.

Shopping malls: When shopping in shopping malls, folding shopping carts can also carry goods conveniently, helping customers browse the mall easily.

Vegetable market: When purchasing ingredients at the vegetable market, a folding shopping cart can conveniently carry the purchased ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.

Other occasions: In addition to the above-mentioned occasions, the folding shopping cart can also be used in other occasions where items need to be carried, such as moving, carrying items, camping, etc.

In short, Collapsible Rolling Crate is a very practical tool that can help people carry items easily and reduce the burden on shoppers.

What is Foldable turnover box ?
Folding trolley shopping cart 380x360x330mm
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