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Detailed introduction of Zhongyi folding trolley

Ningbo Zhongyi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.’s folding trolley with product number S-AA is a very practical product with many advantages and features. The following is a detailed introduction to the product:

Material: This folding trolley adopts PP+iron alloy trolley. This material has high strength and durability and can withstand large weight and pressure.

Detailed introduction of Zhongyi folding trolley 1

Dimensions: The unfolded size of the car is 380x360x300mm, and the folded size is 380x360x80mm, which is very suitable for storage and portability.

Load-bearing capacity: The folding trolley can bear a load of 20kg, which can meet the needs of ordinary families for daily transportation of items.

Handle height: The handle height is 875mm, which is suitable for most people's height and usage habits.

Net weight: The net weight of the car is 2.1kg, which is very light and easy to carry.

Product Color: The color of this product can be customized and can be customized according to personal preferences and needs.

Detailed introduction of Zhongyi folding trolley 2

In daily life, this folding trolley can be widely used in various scenarios, such as travel, office, camping, shopping, etc. When camping, it can be used to carry food and items, and when shopping, it can be used to carry shopping bags, merchandise and other items.

In short, the folding trolley is a very practical, convenient, durable and lightweight product that can meet a variety of needs in people's daily lives.

Folding trolley shopping cart 380x360x330mm
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