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What is the correct name for a folding shopping cart?


The shopping cart is designed with a folding function, which allows users to fold it up when not needed, reducing the space it takes up and making it easy to carry or store. What are the names of folding shopping carts?

The main names of folding shopping carts include the following:

Folding shopping cart: This is the most direct and common name, which directly describes its foldable and shopping characteristics.

Folding trolley: Because shopping carts usually have a push part, some people also call them folding trolleys.

Folding portable car: This name highlights its portability, that is, it can be easily folded up and taken away.

Folding luggage trolley: Although this name is more commonly associated with luggage trolleys at airports or train stations, shopping carts can also be considered a type of "luggage trolley" in the sense that they are used to carry items.

In addition to the common names mentioned above, there may be some specific names based on different designs and uses. But in general, these names emphasize the foldability of the folding shopping cart and its functionality for shopping.

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