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How do you put together a collapsible crate?


The steps for assembling a collapsible crate (collapsible steel saddlebag) may vary depending on the specific design of the box, but in general, here are the steps:

Prepare tools and materials: First, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials, including the various parts of the crate (such as the top cover, bottom cover, and connected plywood in the middle, etc.), as well as the tools you may need, such as pliers, hammers, etc. .

Attach the middle section of the crate: Find the middle foldable section of the crate, connect it end to end, and insert the tongue lock into the steel edge jack. Use pliers to bend the tongue lock so that it connects end to end and secures. In this way, the middle part of the crate is assembled.

Assemble the bottom of the crate: Place the hand-buckled side of the middle part of the crate down, then pick up the bottom cover of the crate and snap it up from top to bottom. During this step of installation, the tongue lock may be inconsistent with the steel edge jack. In this case, you can break the tongue lock with your hands so that it can all align with the steel edge jack. Only when the tongue locks are all aligned with the steel edge jacks can the assembly be successful. When the bottom cover is completely placed at the bottom and more than half of the tongue lock is leaking out, it means that it has reached the bottom. At this time, you can use pliers or a hammer to bend and fix the tongue lock.

Assemble the top of the crate: Assemble the top of the crate as you did with the bottom.

Please note that the above steps may vary depending on your specific crate design, so when it comes to actual assembly, it's best to refer to your crate's instructions or contact the manufacturer for more specific guidance. In addition, pay attention to safety during assembly and avoid using excessively violent or dangerous methods.

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