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What are the characteristics of plastic turnover baskets?


Plastic turnover baskets have a variety of features, as follows:

1. Good durability: Made of high-strength PP material, it has good toughness and durability, can withstand a large amount of weight and frequent transportation work, and can be reused many times.

2. Light and easy to carry: Plastic turnover baskets are light in weight, can be folded and stacked, take up little space, and are easy to carry and store. Under the same volume, plastic turnover baskets are lighter than traditional wooden turnover baskets, which improves the efficiency of logistics and transportation.

3. Anti-seismic and anti-corrosion: It can resist many corrosive substances and will not suffer from natural disasters such as mold and insect damage. At the same time, it is also shock-resistant and can transport goods safely.

4. Bright colors and beautiful appearance: The plastic turnover baskets have various colors, are bright and beautiful, and are available in different colors such as green, blue, red, etc., and are intuitive during operation.

5. Low price: Compared with traditional wooden turnover baskets or iron turnover baskets, the price of plastic turnover baskets is lower, which not only saves purchase costs, but also reduces later maintenance and transportation costs. It is especially suitable for packaging and packaging of items purchased in large quantities. Storage and transportation.

6. Good mechanical properties: Plastic turnover baskets have excellent mechanical properties such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffering and shockproof, high stiffness, and good bending performance.

7. Light weight and material saving: To achieve the same effect year-on-year, the use of plastic hollow boards requires less consumables, low cost and light weight.

8. Heat insulation and sound insulation: Due to the hollow structure of the plastic turnover basket, its heat and sound transmission effects are significantly lower than those of solid boards, and it has good heat and sound insulation effects.

9. Anti-static, conductive, and flame-retardant: Plastic turnover baskets can be made anti-static, conductive, or flame-retardant by using methods such as modification, mixing, and surface spraying.

10. Stable chemical properties: It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and insect-proof. It has obvious advantages compared with cardboard and wooden boards.

11. Smooth and beautiful surface: Due to the special molding process, any color can be achieved through color mixing of the masterbatch. The surface is smooth and easy to print.

12. Environmental protection: It has the characteristics of non-toxic and pollution-free, simple disposal, and will not cause pollution to the environment. The waste can also be reused and made into other plastic products.

13. Strong applicability: suitable for warehouses, production lines, and internal turnover in factories. The stackable type is suitable for stacking, while the nestable type is not suitable for stacking, but it can save space after use. The mesh type can only stack solid items, while the closed type can stack both solid items and liquid items.

To sum up, plastic turnover baskets have many advantages and are suitable for various environments and usage scenarios.

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