С 2003 года профессиональные производители пластиковых коробок для переезда, ящиков, складных тележек для серии хранения.

What are the standards for packaging?

We offer a variety of packaging options to meet your specific needs. Currently, we offer the following packaging options:

Export standard packaging:

Our standard packaging complies with international export standards, ensuring your products are well protected during transportation. It includes sturdy and durable packaging materials designed to prevent damage during shipping.

Color box:

We can provide color box packaging, which is not only practical but also beautiful. This option allows you to customize your packaging design to match your brand or product specifications.

Special packaging according to customer requirements:

We are also flexible and able to create bespoke packaging solutions based on your specific requirements. If you have unique packaging needs or brand preferences, we can work closely with you to design packaging that matches your vision.

Our goal is to ensure that your product reaches you in the best possible condition and that the packaging meets your expectations. Please let us know your packaging preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. "

Collapsible Rolling Crate

folding crate on wheels

collapsible crate with wheels

foldable crate with wheels  

How would you deal with? If products have some quality problem.

    If our products have quality issues,we take the matter seriously and have established a clear protocol to address and resolve such problems.Here's how we would typically deal with quality problems:

What kind of certificate you have ?

We have BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS.  

Do you accept OEM business?

Yes, we are OEM supplier.

What is the standard of package?

Export standard package, Single Mail Package, Color box or special package according to customer requirements.

What's the delivery time ?

Usually it would take around 25days.

If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?

We will responsible for all the quality problems.

Can I get samples from your factory?

Yes, sample is free, but the express charge is yours.

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