How to improve the durability and stability of plastic turnover baskets?

Optimize materials and structure: Choose high-strength, high-toughness, and high-wear-resistant materials to make the turnover basket, and optimize its structural design so that it can withstand greater pressure and impact. For example, new PP materials can be used and the bottom and surrounding structure of the basket can be rationally designed to improve its load-bearing capacity and durability.

Strengthen packaging and protection: When using a turnover basket, you can strengthen the packaging and protection of items and reduce the impact of the pressure and vibration of heavy objects on the turnover basket. This can be achieved by using shock-proof materials, adding linings, etc., thereby reducing the risk of deformation and breakage of the turnover basket.

Reasonable use: When using the turnover basket, items should be distributed and placed reasonably to avoid high-weight items being concentrated in one corner, which will affect the load-bearing capacity and stability of the turnover basket. In addition, the stability and safety of the turnover basket during use can be improved by appropriately adding accessories such as brackets.

Regular maintenance and upkeep: Clean and inspect the turnover basket regularly, and promptly repair damaged parts, such as wear at the bottom of the basket, damaged corners, etc. At the same time, avoid exposing the turnover basket to harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity to avoid affecting its service life and stability.

In summary, by optimizing the material and structure, strengthening packaging and protection, rational use, and regular maintenance and upkeep, the durability and stability of the plastic turnover basket can be effectively improved, thereby extending its service life and reducing the risk of damage.

What are the characteristics of plastic turnover baskets?

Plastic turnover baskets have a variety of features, as follows:

1. Good durability: Made of high-strength PP material, it has good toughness and durability, can withstand a large amount of weight and frequent transportation work, and can be reused many times.

2. Light and easy to carry: Plastic turnover baskets are light in weight, can be folded and stacked, take up little space, and are easy to carry and store. Under the same volume, plastic turnover baskets are lighter than traditional wooden turnover baskets, which improves the efficiency of logistics and transportation.

3. Anti-seismic and anti-corrosion: It can resist many corrosive substances and will not suffer from natural disasters such as mold and insect damage. At the same time, it is also shock-resistant and can transport goods safely.

4. Bright colors and beautiful appearance: The plastic turnover baskets have various colors, are bright and beautiful, and are available in different colors such as green, blue, red, etc., and are intuitive during operation.

5. Low price: Compared with traditional wooden turnover baskets or iron turnover baskets, the price of plastic turnover baskets is lower, which not only saves purchase costs, but also reduces later maintenance and transportation costs. It is especially suitable for packaging and packaging of items purchased in large quantities. Storage and transportation.

6. Good mechanical properties: Plastic turnover baskets have excellent mechanical properties such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffering and shockproof, high stiffness, and good bending performance.

7. Light weight and material saving: To achieve the same effect year-on-year, the use of plastic hollow boards requires less consumables, low cost and light weight.

8. Heat insulation and sound insulation: Due to the hollow structure of the plastic turnover basket, its heat and sound transmission effects are significantly lower than those of solid boards, and it has good heat and sound insulation effects.

9. Anti-static, conductive, and flame-retardant: Plastic turnover baskets can be made anti-static, conductive, or flame-retardant by using methods such as modification, mixing, and surface spraying.

10. Stable chemical properties: It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and insect-proof. It has obvious advantages compared with cardboard and wooden boards.

11. Smooth and beautiful surface: Due to the special molding process, any color can be achieved through color mixing of the masterbatch. The surface is smooth and easy to print.

12. Environmental protection: It has the characteristics of non-toxic and pollution-free, simple disposal, and will not cause pollution to the environment. The waste can also be reused and made into other plastic products.

13. Strong applicability: suitable for warehouses, production lines, and internal turnover in factories. The stackable type is suitable for stacking, while the nestable type is not suitable for stacking, but it can save space after use. The mesh type can only stack solid items, while the closed type can stack both solid items and liquid items.

To sum up, plastic turnover baskets have many advantages and are suitable for various environments and usage scenarios.

What is Foldable turnover box ?

Foldable turnover boxes, also known as logistics folding boxes, are foldable boxes that are convenient for storage and transportation. This kind of turnover box adopts the internationally popular style. According to the different folding methods, there are two main folding methods: half-folding type and inward-folding type. The folded volume is only 1/4~1/3 of the assembled volume. It has the advantages of light weight, small footprint, and easy assembly.

Folding turnover boxes are widely used in closed-loop distribution systems such as tobacco distribution, major supermarket chains, 24-hour convenience stores, large distribution centers, department stores, food processing, etc. At the same time, it is also widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries. It can withstand acid, alkali, oil and other environments. It is non-toxic and odorless, easy to clean, easy to turn around parts, neatly stacked, and easy to manage.

In addition, the material of this kind of turnover box is usually copolymerized propylene and polyethylene. It is light in weight and has a long service life. It can be matched with a variety of logistics containers and work station equipment, and can be used in various situations such as warehouses and production sites. Today, when logistics management is paid more and more attention by the majority of enterprises, foldable turnover boxes have become a must-have for modern logistics management for production and circulation enterprises.

In general, foldable turnover boxes are a new product that meets the environmental protection requirements and zero inventory plans of modern enterprises. Its emergence greatly improves logistics efficiency and reduces storage and transportation costs. It is indispensable in modern logistics management. part.

How to use a folding shopping cart

Open the Collapsible Rolling Crate: First, open the button and unfold the Collapsible Rolling Crate to change the shopping cart from the folded state to the unfolded state.

Place items: Put the items you want to buy into the shopping cart, you can put them directly in the shopping cart.

Push-pull Collapsible Rolling Crate: Shopping carts are usually equipped with wheels and pull rods to facilitate users to push and pull shopping carts in shopping malls or supermarkets, saving effort.

Folding shopping cart: When shopping is finished, take out the items in the shopping cart and fold them for easy storage and portability. Folding shopping carts can usually be folded into a smaller size, saving storage space.

Applicable occasions for folding shopping carts:

Supermarket: When shopping in the supermarket, a folding shopping cart can be used to carry goods conveniently, especially when purchasing a large amount of goods.

Shopping malls: When shopping in shopping malls, folding shopping carts can also carry goods conveniently, helping customers browse the mall easily.

Vegetable market: When purchasing ingredients at the vegetable market, a folding shopping cart can conveniently carry the purchased ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.

Other occasions: In addition to the above-mentioned occasions, the folding shopping cart can also be used in other occasions where items need to be carried, such as moving, carrying items, camping, etc.

In short, Collapsible Rolling Crate is a very practical tool that can help people carry items easily and reduce the burden on shoppers.

Folding trolley shopping cart 380x360x330mm

The material of this folding trolley shopping cart is a combination of PP and iron alloy trolleys. Its open size is 380x360x330mm and its folded size is 380x360x80mm. It does not take up space and is very convenient to use.

The article number given to this car in our factory is ZY-MBB, and it has a load-bearing capacity of 25 kilograms. The length of the ferroalloy pull rod is 870mm. If you need this folding  cart, you can leave a message to order from our website. The minimum order price for this folding pull rod cart is 1,000. Each cart is packaged with a sticker and a color card. Then 6 cars are put into a big cardboard box. The size of the large carton is: 790x410x248MM. If the lid is added, the outer box size is 790x410x290MM. The weight of the car itself is 2.3kg, and the lid is 0.3kg.

If you reach our minimum order quantity of 1000, you can customize different colors, such as black, black color, color, etc. In addition, you can also customize your logo. If you need this product, please leave a message on the website and let us know! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Detailed introduction of Zhongyi folding trolley

Ningbo Zhongyi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.’s folding trolley with product number S-AA is a very practical product with many advantages and features. The following is a detailed introduction to the product:

Material: This folding trolley adopts PP+iron alloy trolley. This material has high strength and durability and can withstand large weight and pressure.

Dimensions: The unfolded size of the car is 380x360x300mm, and the folded size is 380x360x80mm, which is very suitable for storage and portability.

Load-bearing capacity: The folding trolley can bear a load of 20kg, which can meet the needs of ordinary families for daily transportation of items.

Handle height: The handle height is 875mm, which is suitable for most people's height and usage habits.

Net weight: The net weight of the car is 2.1kg, which is very light and easy to carry.

Product Color: The color of this product can be customized and can be customized according to personal preferences and needs.

In daily life, this folding trolley can be widely used in various scenarios, such as travel, office, camping, shopping, etc. When camping, it can be used to carry food and items, and when shopping, it can be used to carry shopping bags, merchandise and other items.

In short, the folding trolley is a very practical, convenient, durable and lightweight product that can meet a variety of needs in people's daily lives.

What are the standards for packaging?

We offer a variety of packaging options to meet your specific needs. Currently, we offer the following packaging options:

Export standard packaging:

Our standard packaging complies with international export standards, ensuring your products are well protected during transportation. It includes sturdy and durable packaging materials designed to prevent damage during shipping.

Color box:

We can provide color box packaging, which is not only practical but also beautiful. This option allows you to customize your packaging design to match your brand or product specifications.

Special packaging according to customer requirements:

We are also flexible and able to create bespoke packaging solutions based on your specific requirements. If you have unique packaging needs or brand preferences, we can work closely with you to design packaging that matches your vision.

Our goal is to ensure that your product reaches you in the best possible condition and that the packaging meets your expectations. Please let us know your packaging preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. "

Collapsible Rolling Crate

folding crate on wheels

collapsible crate with wheels

foldable crate with wheels  

How would you deal with? If products have some quality problem.

    If our products have quality issues,we take the matter seriously and have established a clear protocol to address and resolve such problems.Here's how we would typically deal with quality problems:

What kind of certificate you have ?

We have BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS.  

Do you accept OEM business?

Yes, we are OEM supplier.

What is the standard of package?

Export standard package, Single Mail Package, Color box or special package according to customer requirements.

What's the delivery time ?

Usually it would take around 25days.

If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?

We will responsible for all the quality problems.

Can I get samples from your factory?

Yes, sample is free, but the express charge is yours.

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