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WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 1
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 2
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 3
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 4
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 1
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 2
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 3
WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg 4

WholesaleNB ZHONGYI Industrial Stackable Storage Bins - 17.5kg

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Company Advantages

· From the materials to designs, NB ZHONGYI industrial stackable storage bins is totally guaranteed by our professional expertise.

· The product has passed the tests on various quality parameters conducted by our experienced quality control team.

· With these features, it has an extensive application prospect.

 Stackable Storage Box

Our pride and joy, the 50-liter plastic folding storage box, is the ideal storage solution for your home, office, and daily life. This storage box boasts ample capacity to accommodate a variety of items, from clothing and shoes to toys and books. What sets it apart is its convenient folding design, allowing you to effortlessly fold it into a compact size when not in use, saving valuable space.


Durable and Capacious

Ample Storage Capacity: With a generous 50-liter capacity, it provides plenty of storage space for a wide range of items, including clothing, shoes, toys, books, and more.

Folding Design: The unique folding mechanism enables you to reduce the size of the storage box when not needed, making storage hassle-free.

Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality plastic, our storage box is sturdy and long-lasting, resistant to damage, and designed for extended use.

Versatility: Suitable for various settings, including home storage, office organization, vehicle storage, outdoor activities, and travel.

Superior Material

Our folding storage box is made from high-quality plastic material, offering exceptional durability and resilience. This material is resistant to damage, impervious to moisture, and effective at shielding stored items from dampness and dust. Additionally, it's easy to clean, requiring only a simple wipe-down to maintain its cleanliness. Importantly, our material is non-toxic and safe for human use, meeting hygiene and environmental standards.


Various Application

Home Storage: Ideal for organizing seasonal items, children's toys, shoes, or any other household belongings.

Office Organization: Perfect for sorting files, folders, stationery, and office supplies, improving work efficiency.

Vehicle Organization: Keep your car's trunk neat and organized by storing tools, emergency items, or shopping goods.

Outdoor Activities: Serve as a portable storage container for camping, picnicking, or other outdoor activities, making it easy to carry essential items.

Travel Companion: Keep travel essentials, personal items, and clothing well-organized, reducing travel-related clutter.

Company Profile

Ningbo Zhongyi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 211 Jinyuan Road, Jiaochuan Industrial Zone, Zhenhai City. The factory covers an area of ​​3000-5000 square meters. The company has a professional team of high-quality talents who have been engaged in the field of daily necessities and the research and development of various plastic products all year round. , has strong technical force and has many experienced product structure engineers and professional product R&D designers. The company has advanced product production equipment and testing instruments, an excellent marketing team and core well-known corporate partners. A professional and professional R&D team and advanced and complete sales and service concepts have enabled our company's products to reach a high level and market share. At the same time, we will in fact adhere to the principle of "reputation first, customer first" and always put Our customers' interests are our top priority and we are dedicated to providing the best products and the highest quality services to each of our customers.



Zhongyi Products are distinguished by their unwavering commitment to trusted quality and exceptional durability, further reinforced by our prestigious ISO certification. This internationally recognized standard underscores our relentless dedication to producing shopping baskets that not only meet but exceed the highest industry benchmarks. With ISO certification in place, our customers can confidently rely on our products, assured that they are making a choice that prioritizes quality, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

Company Features

· NINGBO ZHONGYI PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has kept competitive power in developing and manufacturing industrial stackable storage bins for years. We are regarded as one of the pioneers in this industry.

· The engineering equipment for industrial stackable storage bins production in NINGBO ZHONGYI PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is in a leading position in the local area.

· We concern about the environment and our earth. We are making efforts to sourcing more environmental-friendly raw materials and seeking more efficient packaging ways so as to reduce material wastes.

Product Details

industrial stackable storage bins's specific details in NB ZHONGYI are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Product Comparison

After improvement, the industrial stackable storage bins produced by NB ZHONGYI is more brilliant in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Senior experts are recruited to be consultants for our company, and they are always ready to answer questions for customers. In addition, our company has high-tech equipment and strong scientific research strength. All that provides strong technical support for the development of our high-tech products.

Our company has established a comprehensive service guarantee system. We are committed to providing customers with more comprehensive, swift and professional services, with the desire for win-win cooperation with customers.

Our company always believes in the core value of 'honest and reliable, pragmatic and truth-seeking, pioneering and innovative', and we deal with our business according to the concept of 'high efficiency, hard work, professionalism, and mutual benefit'. Based on the modern industry, we have constantly tried to produce and improve products with new technology.

Since the establishment in NB ZHONGYI has been focusing on product development and technological innovation for years. Now we enjoy a good brand reputation and a large influence within the industry.

We have established a mature network marketing system. Through network platforms, our products are sold to major provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. Some products are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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