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NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 1
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 2
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 3
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 4
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 1
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 2
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 3
NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm 4

NB ZHONGYI Folding Trolley Cart - 415*420*430mm

Item number
ZY-MBB-2/2 (including cover)
PP+PVC+Iron Telescopic Handle
closed size
Carton size

Product details of the folding trolley cart

Product Specification

Material: PP+PVC+Iron Telescopic Handle

Carton size: 415*420*430mm

closed size: 380*100*360mm

Item number: ZY-MBB-2/2 (including cover)

Selfweight: 2.5kgs

Product Introduction

NB ZHONGYI folding trolley cart is precisely designed and manufactured based on customer specific requirements. It is extensively acclaimed in the market owing to stylish patterns and designs. Before our loading for folding trolley cart, we will hold a comprehensive checking again to ensure quality.

Multifunctional foldable utility vehicle

This rolling crate offers 45L of storage space and can support up to 25kg. Material: PP+iron alloy pull rod, open size: 380x360x330mm, folded size: 380x360x80mm. Handle height: 870mm. It can store food and drinks, documents, books, office supplies, tools, and more. Great for grocery shoppers, teachers, students, business agents and handymen.

Foldable rolling crate
4 (51)

Foldable utility vehicle with featured cover

Unlike other strollers, the lid and case are integrated and can be opened or closed with one hand. The cover attaches to the outside of the cart so it doesn't take up any cart storage space when not in use.

Packaging specifications and dimensions

Packing: 1 sticker + color sleeve, 6 pcs/carton

Outer box size: 790x410x248MM

Outer box size with lid: 790x410x290MM

Weight: car 2.3kg; cover 0.3Kg

Net weight: 14.5kg; including lid 16KG

Gross weight: 16.5kg; including cover 18KG

Foldable rolling crate
2023-BSCI (6)
Monitoring summary report for NINGBO ZHONGYI PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY
MONITORING ID: 22-0135332-2

Equipped with the prestigious BSCI certification, our Shopping Basket demonstrates our commitment to industry expertise. Rest assured knowing that our durable and versatile basket guarantees a reliable storage solution for groceries, vegetables, and more.

Company Profile

The Zhongyi Shopping Carts are a practical and convenient solution for retail stores. With their durable plastic rolling baskets in a vibrant red color and easy-grip handles, these portable shopping baskets make it effortless for customers to navigate through aisles and carry their purchases. Ideal for grocery stores, convenience stores, and boutiques, these shopping carts offer a seamless shopping experience for users, allowing them to easily shop, organize their items, and transport them with ease.

zhongyi plastic


What is the purpose of the Plastic Popular Easy Storage Folding Box Camping Foldable Crate?
The Plastic Popular Easy Storage Folding Box Camping Foldable Crate is designed for convenient storage and transportation of items during camping or outdoor activities.
What are the dimensions of this folding crate?
The dimensions of this folding crate are [insert dimensions].
How much weight can this folding crate hold?
This folding crate has a weight capacity of [insert weight capacity].
Can this folding crate be used in wet environments?
Yes, this folding crate is made from waterproof plastic material, making it suitable for use in wet environments.
Does this folding crate fold completely flat when not in use?
Yes, this folding crate is designed to fold completely flat, allowing for easy storage and space-saving when not in use.
What are the application scenarios for this folding crate?
The Plastic Popular Easy Storage Folding Box Camping Foldable Crate is versatile and can be used in various scenarios such as camping, picnics, outdoor events, gardening, and even for storage in homes, garages, or warehouses.

Company Advantage

• NB ZHONGYI enjoys traffic convenience due to the superior geographical conditions. We also have complete supporting facilities nearby.
• With the highest sincerity and the best attitude, our company strives to provide consumers with satisfactory services in line with their real needs.
• Currently, our sales network has spread all over the country's major provinces and cities and autonomous regions. In addition, our company's products are also favored by overseas customers, and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and other countries and regions.
• It has been years since the establishment of NB ZHONGYI in Over the years, our company has undergone continuous reforms and adopted scientific means to connect with the international market. Now, we have ranked the top among the industry.
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