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NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 1
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 2
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 3
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 4
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 1
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 2
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 3
NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg 4

NB ZHONGYI Folding Plastic Basket 354g 15kg

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collapsible shopping basket
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load bearing
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Company Advantages


· This product is safe enough. The dyes of fabrics are treated to contain no harmful chemicals that would cause any skin irritants.

· The product, available at such a competitive price, is widely used in the market.

folding basket (2)

Folding basket with handle design and hollow design

The hollow design of this storage basket allows you to see the contents of each foldable grocery basket for easy cleaning, portability and storage. The picnic basket has a perforated design on the side, which allows for effective ventilation and prevents items from being damaged by moisture.

The milk crate with handle makes it easy to carry and can be used as an outdoor picking basket or shopping basket. You can also use it in your car to store items.

Folding basket has wide range of uses

Foldable storage boxes solve many storage needs, such as smaller toys, snacks, fruits, medicines, books, stationery, toiletries, etc. It will create a neat and organized countertop room for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, storage cabinet, indoor, outdoor, etc. Perfect for home office kitchen shelf desktop storage!

collapsible shopping baskets
collapsible basket

Folding shopping basket material is safe and durable

The crate is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is waterproof and sturdy. The elastic plastic makes the basket less likely to break; the smooth surface prevents scratches. You can put it on the balcony without worrying about rain. These little baskets can be used year after year!

Certificate description

With industry experience and certifications, our Zhongyi crates ensure superior quality and reliability. Organize your space efficiently with these collapsible and foldable crates, perfect for versatile use in the kitchen, bathroom, medicine storage, and more. Available in green, size S.



What is the purpose of the Plastic Popular Easy Storage Folding Box Camping Foldable Crate?
The Plastic Popular Easy Storage Folding Box Camping Foldable Crate is designed for convenient storage and transportation of items during camping or outdoor activities.
What are the dimensions of this folding crate?
The dimensions of this folding crate are [insert dimensions].
How much weight can this folding crate hold?
This folding crate has a weight capacity of [insert weight capacity].
Can this folding crate be used in wet environments?
Yes, this folding crate is made from waterproof plastic material, making it suitable for use in wet environments.
Does this folding crate fold completely flat when not in use?
Yes, this folding crate is designed to fold completely flat, allowing for easy storage and space-saving when not in use.
What are the application scenarios for this folding crate?
The Plastic Popular Easy Storage Folding Box Camping Foldable Crate is versatile and can be used in various scenarios such as camping, picnics, outdoor events, gardening, and even for storage in homes, garages, or warehouses.

Company Features

· NINGBO ZHONGYI PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is one of the leading suppliers in China, focusing on the design and manufacture of folding plastic basket.

· Our big and wide factory is well-organized inside in a thorough manner. It includes various kinds of advanced machines, which allows us to smoothly finish our production projects. Our advanced production facilities were all purchased from famous brands. They are equipped with a variety of custom-built setup and work holding fixture, which greatly contributes to our production efficiency. Our manufacturing plant is introduced with a wide range of advanced production facilities, which greatly helps us streamline the workflow and helps us quickly deliver our products such as folding plastic basket.

· We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility. We will focus on reducing carbon footprint and eliminating pollutions during production or other business activities.

Product Details

Choose our folding plastic basket for the following reasons.

Application of the Product

folding plastic basket of NB ZHONGYI can be widely used in various fields.

With a focus on plastic folding cart,plastic folding crate,plastic moving crat, NB ZHONGYI is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

NB ZHONGYI's folding plastic basket has better performances in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

NB ZHONGYI has a number of high-quality management personnel and technical personnel with professional skills and rich practical experience. This provides a strong guarantee for corporate development.

Owning a perfect service network, our company provides the user with professional, standardized and diversified service. Besides, we can meet the customer requirements with first-class pre-sale and after-sale service.

Our company's mission is to provide consumers with safe and environmentally friendly products. With a focus on integrity management and quality assurance, we adhere to high standards and strict requirements in the production process, to achieve the goal of high output, excellent quality and high efficiency.

NB ZHONGYI has experienced years of wind and rain since We win many honor qualifications based on quality products and services. Now we enjoy a relatively significant industry position.

At present, our company has not only established a huge sales network in China, but also actively strives to open up the international market.

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